Italian Bocce Set 9 Piece and Carrying Bag

Unleash the Fun with Perfetta Italian Bocce Set 9 Piece and Carrying Bag

Experience the Joy of Bocce

Get ready for a thrilling summer with the Perfetta Italian Bocce Set 9 Piece and Carrying Bag. This delightful recreational game is loved by people of all ages and genders. It combines elements from bowling, shuffleboard, croquet, petanque, lawn bowling, and curling, offering a unique and engaging experience. Players need skill and judgment to excel in the game.

Versatility at its Finest

Play bocce anywhere you like – on your lawn, at a park, or even on the beach. It’s perfect for family gatherings, outdoor parties, and social get-togethers. Bocce adapts to every occasion and infuses your summer with endless fun.

The Ultimate Bocce Experience

The Perfetta Italian Bocce Set 9 Piece comes with precision-crafted elegance. It includes 8 bocce balls, 4 in dark green and 4 in dark red, adhering to USA and International Bocce Federation regulations (109mm). The set also features a 50mm regulation size white pallina, adding excitement to the game.

Convenient Transport and Storage

Easily carry your bocce set with the lightweight yet sturdy nylon bag, equipped with two durable straps. Take it to your backyard or your favorite park – the set is always ready for action!

Fair Play Guaranteed

Enjoy fair and enjoyable games with the included Bocce Rules. Everyone gets a chance to play and have a great time.

Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship

Perfetta, the leading official Bocce Ball manufacturer globally, takes pride in superior craftsmanship. The set is crafted in Italy by the official supplier to the world champion Italian Bocce team and players.

Peace of Mind Warranty

For durability assurance, the Perfetta Italian Bocce Set comes with a generous 5-year warranty. Play countless matches and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Embrace the Summer Vibes

Join in on the laughter and camaraderie with the Perfetta Italian Bocce Set 9 Piece and Carrying Bag. Let the good times roll with Perfetta as you engage in this time-honored game of skill and strategy. Embrace the summer vibes and embark on an adventure of fun-filled days with the Perfetta Italian Bocce Set!

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